Screen Scotland


Screen Scotland provides funding to producers based in Scotland who are working in live-action, animation, documentary and broadcast content, to develop a range of feature film and TV projects that reflect Scotland’s culture, creativity and diversity.

Funding is also available for projects where producers based outside Scotland are developing and producing projects with writing and/or directing talent based in Scotland, and that promote Scotland, Scottish talent, crews, locations and tourism, and also benefit the Scottish economy.

Film Development and Production Funding

Our £4million Film Development and Production Fund can consider applications for feature films that will be made in co-production with Scotland, where these involve Scottish based talent. For more information please see our funding guidance at:


Production Growth Fund

Our £2million Production Growth Fund can consider applications from companies based outside Scotland with projects that aim to grow Scotland’s screen production sector by creating employment opportunities for Scottish crews, encouraging the use of production facilities, and delivering a direct and significant economic benefit to Scotland.

This is a selective fund which seeks to attract large scale productions and maximise spend in Scotland.

For more information please see our funding guidance at


Broadcast Content Fund

The £3million Broadcast Content Fund can consider applications for broadcast content projects of all genres, including drama series, that will be made in co-production with Scotland. The fund will prioritise projects which have the potential to generate lasting benefits to build companies of scale, reflect or promote Scottish culture, creativity and diversity, as well as projects which offer significant opportunities to people currently under-represented in the screen sector.

For more information please see our funding guidance at


Recce Funding

We also provide funding for recces and can recommend accommodation deals throughout Scotland.

To find out more about the support and services we offer, visit


UK Tax Incentives

Scotland is part of the UK and therefore all UK film tax incentives and UK co-production treaties apply in Scotland.

For full details of UK film tax relief, cultural test and co-production treaties, please contact the British Film Commission: