Liverpool City Region Production Fund

Open to qualifying local, national and international production companies, the fund has been created to help drive the further growth of Liverpool’s film and television sector by investing in a diverse portfolio of high-quality content.

Managed by the Liverpool Film Office, the fund can support the production of feature films, TV drama, animation and scripted comedy series that are intending to film in the Liverpool region. It can invest up to 20% of production budget, with a cap of £500,000 per project. There are no specific match funding requirements so its equity investment can be easily combined with other private and public monies including the UK tax credit.

International co-productions with Liverpool-based producers are encouraged.

The fund will prioritise projects that have some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Deliver high multiples of local economic benefit relative to its investment
  • Demonstrate strong creative and commercial elements
  • Have a realistic prospect of generating a financial return
  • Increase the cultural visibility of Liverpool to audiences in the UK and globally

Full details of the Fund can be found at: