Creating Space or "Cannes" You Hear Us: A Celebration of Black Women in Film

With only one Black Woman to have ever qualified for competition at Cannes until recently, the BFI + Diversity in Cannes are creating space in order to challenge narratives that remain prevalent in the industry by inviting pioneering Black Women filmmakers, existing on a global stage to talk through their experiences, achievements and perspectives.

In this special event that celebrates what it is to be a filmmaker from an historically marginalised background, we delve deeper into authentic authorship, exploration of self, and how our experiences bring richness to our stories.

This is not a diversity panel, but rather a spotlight on and a celebration of filmmakers from underrepresented backgrounds. A chance for them to speak to the industry, as it exists now, on developing creative pathways that serve their own voice and artistic practices whilst existing within these structures.

Yolonda Brinkley, Diversity in Cannes

Johanna Makabi, Filmmaker, Producer and Member of the board of Collectif 50/50
Zoey Martinson, Writer-Director, Smoke & Mirrors Collaborative
Shantelle Rochester, CEO and Producer, Ida Rose
Kelley Robins Hicks, Writer-producer