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Build Your Network and Boost Your Career

Experts share how they have built their networks in the industry

We talk to experts across different roles in film production about how they broke into the film industry, and how specific schemes or initiatives helped them meet the right people and develop their careers. Even later in your career, how do you use your networks and previous contacts? Is now a good time for new entrants to come into the film world, and if so, who can help you get started? We talk to experts about how they have built their own networks and advice for people not only at the start of their careers, but also for those who might need a mid-career boost.


  • Om-Kalthoom Bashmailah - Cast Assistant and Director's Assistant
  • Manon de Reeper - Programme Director, Start with 8
  • Niamh Fagan - Producer, Lunar Pictures
  • Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor - Producer, Joi Productions
  • Maria Zani - mentee on Step Up

Moderator - Briony Hanson, Director of Film, British Council