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Fighting back on Bullying and Harassment

Discover practical steps people are taking in the screen industry

Fighting back on Bullying and Harassment

We’ve all heard the horror stories about bullying and harassment in the film industry across the globe. Well, what are people taking as practical steps to combat this culture, and make our industries safer physically and mentally? What is the good work being done and how can productions and companies create safer spaces for all their workers? What are the practical tips for employers and employees to protect themselves, prevent bullying and harassment, or know how to tackle it if it occurs?


  • Ngoc Nguyen - Head of Entertainment, Time’s Up
  • Jennifer Smith - Head of Inclusion, BFI
  • Sara Putt, - Managing Director, Sara Putt Associates
  • Michelle White - Psychologist, co-founder, 6ft From The Spotlight and collaborator with Film in Mind
  • Clark Crewe - Production Executive, Fable Pictures

Moderator - Wendy Mitchell, UK Film Events Curator