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Sustainability in Action

How the screen industry is embracing green best practices

Sustainability in Action

Moving beyond talk of why film production should be sustainable, experts will discuss specific examples of how the industry is embracing green best practices. This discussion talks to producers, sustainability consultants and production experts who talk about their own hands-on experiences of making film productions more sustainable. We examine best practices across all stages of making a film – development, physical production and post production. Especially as the industry is restarting post-pandemic, how can we build sustainability into every film production as well as every filming facility and studio?


  • Melanie Dicks - Managing Partner, Greenshoot and Producer, Fingerprint Content
  • Louise Marie Smith - Founder and Managing Director, Neptune Environmental Solutions
  • Wim Goossens - Line Producer, Bulletproof Cupid
  • Charles Gachet-Dieuzeide - Director General, Secoya Eco Tournage
  • Roser Canela-Mas - International Manager, Albert

Moderator - Wendy Mitchell, We Are UK Film Events Curator

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